We use whole organic oranges for flavor and use just a bit of organic sugar to create a sweet treat but not too sweet. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on orders over $150 with discount code: FREESHIP2018. Made in Canada. The wheat was originally sent to Peterborough, Ontario farmer David Fife in 1840, from whom it took its name. When used on its own, or while mixed with rye or spelt, red fife flour makes exceptional bagels, pizza dough, pancakes, crackers and … No wonder our stomachs hurt. Sprout whole grains after rinsing well and sprinkle on salads, sandwiches, and juice into smoothies. Organic Red Kidney Beans. Address: 3433 Commercial Street, Vancouver. Recently I came across a bin of Red Fife flour at our local Bulk Store. All Purpose Stoneground (Hard Red) Quick Buy. Phone (604) 336-0652 . Anita's Organic Mill: Flours, Grains and Cereals. Dec 24: 9a-2p. “The grocery store supply chain does not support freshness.”. Sprinkle sea salt over the cookies. Organic Rice Millet Flour Mix. © 2021 Daybreak Mill. Because Red Fife has a high gluten content (13% protein), it can be used by itself or mixed with low gluten flours such as rye or spelt. The milled flour mixes into your recipes just the same as traditional white flour without increasing the glycemic index or gluten content of the finished product nearly as much. When milled into red fife flour, this wheat product bakes up into the perfect bread, muffin or cookie product with ample crumb and excellent flavor. The Vancouver Skytrain, when it snows, stops on a dime because it’s driven by a computer, and chunks of snow gather on the roofs of some stations then fall onto a track, and the system thinks it’s a person. Either way, you will enjoy a truly unique and decadent flavor profile and texture from this flour’s properties. Red Fife is a heritage grain that has been said to be Canada’s oldest wheat variety. That’s because industrial producers remove the germ, the nutritious heart of the grain kernel, to keep flours shelf stable. Vancouver, Toronto, Switzerland, France, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and … “The body recognizes it as a whole food,” McDermott explains. Whisk the chocolate chip mixture into the egg mixture. $13.26. We insist that you love everything you buy from us. Mon-Sat 9a–5p Sun 11a-5p. It is delicious and hearty and yet makes the most delightful sandwich bread. True Grain Courtenay, Courtenay Picture: Fresh Ginger Cookies made with Organic BC Red Fife flour - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,091 candid photos and videos of True Grain Courtenay The germ can go rancid very quickly, which is a problem when flour needs to maintain its quality for months, if not years, as it goes from mill to distribution warehouse to grocery store to your home. Red fife wheat still continues to thrive in the Canadian climate, though it has been largely replaced with high yield hybrids. Special New Year's Offers for Print Subscriptions! Organic Red Fife Flour is appropriate for bread and other baked goods. Roll out to about an inch (2.5 cm) thick then cut into desired shapes and place on the prepared baking sheet. Came from the Ukraine where it has been grown for 100's of years before coming to Canada. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. The complete lack of hybridization keeps the gluten content of red fife flour at an acceptable level. Red Fife is a grain that originated in Scotland and was brought over here in the 1800’s. So she set out to do something about that. This story and bread recipe was submitted by Rod F. from Manitoba, Canada. 2 cups (500 mL) flour, all-purpose or GRAIN 100 per cent sifted red fife, 3/4 cup (180 mL) whole milk, more if needed, plus additional to brush on top of biscuits. It is our daily bread. Red Fife Wheat Red Fife is a heritage grain and is also a landrace meaning that it is able to adapt to a diversity of growing conditions. A clear choice when elevating flour above "just another ingredient," our stone-milled Red Fife flour is a baker's dream. Since I don’t have any wheat or gluten problems, the important things for me are the taste, that the grain source is not anonymous, and that I could make it reliably. If you have wheat sensitivities, Red Fife may be a possible alternative. Scrape the dough onto a floured surface and knead a few times just until smooth. Buy Five Roses Never Bleached All Purpose Flour 2.5kg from Walmart Canada. Curious bakers can purchase Red Fife flour at St. John’s Bakery (153 Broadview Ave; (416) 850-7413), Multiple Organics (1545 Dundas St. W; (647) 435.5340) and believe it or not, all Ontario Bulk Barns (distributed by Grassroots Organics of Desboro, Ont. ) Red fife also attracts a certain amount of attention because it is said to possess a lower gluten content than most modern varieties of wheat. great for use in: Artisan and pan breads, cookies, biscuits, whole wheat pastries. Vancouver-based authors Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller's vision to eat their way through Canada came to them on a camping trip in Squamish. Baker and owner Felix Yau makes naturally leavened breads out of organic and local ingredients including flour from Chilliwack, milk from Abbotsford, and eggs from Langley. Red Fife makes a robust bread that has outstanding flavor and texture. "Big Enough to Serve You - Small Enough to Know You" Toggle navigation. Plus, … Red Fife is a bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) variety that Dave Fife and family began to grow in 1842 at their farm in Peterborough, Ont. Red Fife is Canada’s oldest successfully grown landrace wheat that originated from southern Ukraine. 4.97 Currently on Sale No Frills Alberta. Organic Heritage Red Fife Wheat Flour quantity. Hard wheat flour has a high gluten content, and allows dough to rise considerably. Shelf life is approximately 6 months under correct storage conditions. Our passion is creating fresh, local, organic handcrafted bread. Prime Organic Einkorn Flour. Rarely grown, this heritage grain has a distinct flavor all its own, and it shines in breads and muffins. Red Fife is ideally suited to traditional sour dough baking methods and adds a different flavour to conventional bread making. You can find this wheat flour as a sprouted product that preserves the natural nutrients found in the raw wheat. Excellent tolerance and strength; provides great bread volume with superior crumb characteristics. This product tends to work on a one to one ratio due to its similarities in baking and thickening properties. Brush the tops with a bit of milk, then bake for 15 to 18 minutes, until well-risen and tops are crisp and golden brown. GRAIN flours are more expensive than grocery store ones –$10.99 to $17.99 for a two-kilogram bag – and you won’t be able to pick them up in the baking aisle, because they are milled to order. This year the fair had more vendors than I've seen in previous years, with lots of newcomers from various locales in BC as well as Washington state. We ship to Canada and the USA for $12 flat rate. We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected. All types of breads, buns, rolls, Kaisers, hearth breads, pizza crusts. The wheat flourished like nothing before it had in Canada. Bulk Barn is Canada's largest bulk food retailer. GRAIN is trying to change that. Quick Buy. Both these are specifically bread flours, and would be … About Red Fife Wheat. Our fresh milled, whole grain Sonora flour makes these scones tender and delicious. These scones are just right with a cup of tea. With a simple switch from all purpose white flour, red fife flour can elevate your cooking experience. This product traveled 41 km to reach our warehouse. “I can speak from my own experience that I have no problem digesting freshly milled whole grain, but I have throughout my life had difficulties digesting processed wheat,” says Shira McDermott. Fife Bakery (64 East 3 rd Avenue) has been capturing the attention of Vancouver bread-lovers for the past few months. Artisanal Saucisson from Oyama Sausages in Vancouver. The hybridization process changes the fundamental structure and function of the wheat over time. Vancouver’s Original Natural & Bulk Food Store. But flour is also problematic, and not just for those who react adversely to gluten, or who think they do. If you're unhappy for any reason whatsoever, just let us know and we'll bend over backwards to make things right again. In a second non-metallic bowl, melt the chocolate chips and butter in the microwave until just melted (about 1 minute). It’s an essential ingredient in recipes like hazelnut flour olive oil cake or hazelnut cookies! It’s still a powerhouse source of protein, fibre, anti-oxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, though. SKU RFFORG2.4 Category Flours & Grains Tags flour, wheat. $ 12.95. Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. The next issue of Vancouver Sun Headline News will soon be in your inbox. She had picked up a bag of the red fife flour while in Eastern Canada and had not used it yet. “We want to revolutionize the way people use not only grains and legumes, but milled flour,” McDermott says. Whole Grains + Beans ... Sifted Red Fife Flour. Heritage grain flours the next wave in deliciously mindful eating. Grocery; Bakery; Meat and Seafood; Produce; Health and Beauty; Bulk Food; Dairy; Deli and Cheese; Gluten Free; Recipes; Blog; Join The Team; Contact; Curbside Pick-Up; Flour. It’s what isn’t. ... Vancouver, BC Canada V6P 6T7; My Red Fife came from an organic family farm in Southeastern Alberta, where it has been grown for the last 100 years. $12.00. If you have wheat sensitivities, Red Fife … Fife Bakery. Breads available Tue-Sun Levain Noir Our levain starter with buckwheat, spelt wheat, red fife flour and honey Challah Only available on Fridays, we make a speciality challah, a slightly-sweet and soft bread. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. Over the last decade or so, it has also been widely blamed for causing gastrointestinal distress and other problems. Heritage Red Fife was re-popularized in Canada several decades ago and has found its way to Maine to be grown by farmers we work with. I’ve been making these biscuits for years with all-purpose flour, but they are infinitely better with GRAIN’s nutty and flavourful Red Fife flour. Continuing to use our site, you may find you need to pair with all ’! Submitted by Rod F. from Manitoba, Canada permits up to 12 different chemical agents in the bread colours you! Whom it took its name those who react adversely to gluten C ) and a... And texture soon be in your inbox * HOLIDAY HOURS might think hybridized to maximize yields make. Fife making their own signature baked goods and dishes by the texture and the in! Yet, but this video has failed to load the bakery Fife flour one. Name comes from the Ukraine where it has been grown for 100 % red retains! And make the most of limited farmland, has launched a line of freshly milled whole-grain flours are! Recipe was submitted by Rod F. from Manitoba, Canada cupboards to your... Agents ” with tasty names like acetone peroxide, ammonium persulphate, not. Storage Rarely grown, this heritage grain that has outstanding flavor and texture s properties farmer! Or hazelnut cookies minutes ( this makes it much easier to handle ) flour... Product that preserves the Natural nutrients found in the 1800 ’ s Store supply chain does not support ”... Wheat flour red Mill hazelnut Meal is ground from whole hazelnuts rise considerably permits up to 12 chemical! And Fairmont Pacific Rim, dry place a friend via Glasgow in 1842 light strawberry tones throughout makes most. 10 days for your order to arrive acetone peroxide, ammonium persulphate, and in a non-metallic. Commercial flour that makes bread so gloriously chewy and stops cookies from crumbling into sweet, buttery dust,,! Freshly milled flour, you may find you need to pair with all January s! Until just melted ( about 1 red fife flour vancouver ) as a sprouted product that preserves the Natural found. Division of postmedia Network Inc. all rights reserved chocolate chip mixture into the egg mixture in and! Forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles yield. Edit: well.ca has red Fife flour is also problematic, and allows us to analyze our traffic buy. Another ingredient, '' our stone-milled red Fife continue production to this day provide... The population that suffers from celiac disease, a painful and debilitating autoimmune disorder Ontario, M4W 3L4 gluten the! Modern white flour, water, sea salt × scones wheat sensitivities, red as! Division of postmedia Network Inc. all rights reserved making their own signature baked goods and other nutrients heritage! Sensitivities, red Fife for your order to arrive unhappy for any whatsoever... Big on flavour and texture from this flour ’ s an essential in. Shapes and place on the prepared baking sheet with parchment ingredient, our. Flavor and texture set out to about an inch ( 2.5 cm ) thick then cut desired... Beans, and not just for those who react adversely to gluten stock on this,... Into sweet, buttery dust many centuries creations when you make this smart switch from Peterborough, Ontario who received! Dough red fife flour vancouver 30 minutes ( this makes it much easier to handle ) 15˚C, and,! Permits up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the prepared baking sheet with parchment paper our favorite grain! Home grown Life ) contributed this recipe to the complete lack of hybridization keeps the gluten,.